Time under KDE 4.5 resets

Hi, its strange and i am not sure if its a hardware issue (battery) or if its KDE or the timekeeper server.
My date is correct all the time, but the time itself resets for some reason. At least its not the correct time.
Haven’t changed the battery on my motherboard so far, but if the date is correct the battery should be fine i assume.
I tried several servers within the time/date app, but so far it works for awhile and then resets the time.
Anyone else notice this?


Are you actually using NTP to manage time?

I don’t encounter the problem.

Best regards,

Aeh, yes. Is that bad? I think i always did. Maybe i will try it without.
Currently i have north-america-pool.ntp.org selected. Mm…

I have no trouble with it

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