Time Quota


I’m trying to limit the time my kids spend on their computers. Years ago during my school time we had 'Prime" computers with the PRIMOS operating system. They were able to give me as a student (for example) 250 minutes logon time a week. I can’t remember if it kicked me out after 250 minutes :wink:

Something like that on openSUE would be great. Anybody any idea if this already exist.

The environment is a small server and a number of clients. Home dirs of the users are on the server and users are authenticated via NIS.

I’m not aware of such a thing but maybe you can find something at freshmeat.net or sourceforge.net. Maybe something that’s is used for Internet cafes can be adapted for such a use. (“Daddy, can I have another ticket for 10 minutes, pleez?” :slight_smile: