Time and date format

Hopefully this is not a silly question. Where would one go to change from the 24 hour time format to 12 hour and likewise with the date format. I just updated to KDE 4.1.3 and the time one the system tray is in am/pm format, but the system is using 24 hour format. If I go into the control panel to change the time there is no option. Same with the date reading 1 Dec 2008 instead of Dec 1 2008 or 12/1/2008 or whatever. I enabled the analog clock widget on the desktop and it shows 24 hour format. I don’t see an option in Yast to change this format either…
Thanks for any suggestions.

Naw, not a silly question, silly boy. :wink: (Sorry, couldn’t resist). The OS of course keeps time with a 24hr clock; that’s what you see in the YaST module and KDE System Settings/Date & Time. Under KDE System Settings/Regional & Language there is a tab for Time & Dates; that’s where the display formats are set.

I actually did those changes, but the only thing that changed was the digital clock in the system tray. The date in the system tray didn’t change and the analog clock widget are still in the other formats. Maybe it has something to do with the KDE upgrade? I don’t remember having this problem before, but I wasn’t using that analog clock widget before either.

On my 4.1.3/release 63.3 and 4.1.2/release 1.17 analog clock plasmoid is showing 12hr face. System tray plasmoid clock changes (on-the-fly in 4.1.3, after re-start session in 4.1.2) but date format does not. Given that the date choices would not fully fit, perhaps the format is hard-coded (?).

The actual clock face on mine shows 12 hours, but when I turn on the “also show time as text” option, it’s in 24 hour format. Oh well, guess I can just cut that off…

Same here. I hadn’t noticed that option. A bug . . .