TigerVNC vs SDDM vs Yast vs XDMCP ... need persistent access to Display :0


On recently patched ( 04-07-2018 ) Tumbleweed despite going over https://en.opensuse.org/VNC … I am unable to get a working setup that lets me get remote access to the physical console on Tumbleweed. I get a black screen, in the VNC viewer which I presume is SDDM lacking XDMCP support as documented in the tail end. However it also says that Yast will configure things for XDMCP support ( yet I am still seeing SDDM after a reboot ).

So is there a recipe for getting remote access to the physical console while still allowing for KDE5. I am not wedded to VNC either. If there is some other way to get to the physical console, I am fine with that. The primary requirement is access to the physical console ( which may / may not be logged in ) amd something that is not fragile.


– Bob

You can change Display Manager and still use Plasma5. For example, try LightDM, or another.

TeamViewer https://www.teamviewer.com/en/ works well with TW. It’s free for personal use.

Teamviewer, of course, works and require no modifications to any of the window management cruft.

I did try to change the display manager to gdb and KDE5 sessions ( at the console, not event yet trying the VNC sessions yet ) would not work giving a DBUS error. On returning back to sddm that issue went away. So if someone had an actual working config, please tell me what combo of pieces you are using. But sure, teamviewer is more secure, works. But would like to have a open option without a man in the middle.

– Bob

I have used KDM in the past, you can still install it from the repos, AFAIK, but I understand it is no longer supported/maintained.

I have also used LightDM without any issues.

However, that was awhile back, 42.1 I believe. I am still using LightDM, but I now use Xfce for a desktop.