How would I import my windows thunderbird contacts into linux thunderbird?

I haven’t used Thunderbird in a while, but I believe this is how you transfer contacts:

When you’re in Thunderbird, open your address book. In your address book, click on the set of contacts you want to transfer, and then go to the top of the window and click the following: Tools → Export… Create a name and save the file somewhere that you will remember or can access from Linux, say your main documents folder in Windows. Once you save that file, exit Thunderbird and boot into Linux. Once you get into Linux, open Thunderbird and then click on the address book. In the address book window, click: Tools → Import… Select Address Books and the default type displayed for you by pressing Next. When the browsing window appears, you should be in the main directory for OpenSUSE (with folders such as bin, boot, etc.). Scroll down and double-click on the windows folder, and then on the C folder. From there, following this path to My Documents: Documents and Settings → Your Username → My Documents. There, select the file you created when you were in Windows, and then press the Finish button complete the process.

Hope that is what you are looking for. :slight_smile: