Thunderbird will get a "fresh GUI" --- time to move on


Just read about the plans for “modernizing” Thunderbird and thought: Hey! Time to look for something new. :slight_smile:

I started kmail, which wanted to import my Thunderbird setting, but froze and never came back. Looking on the interwebs there are reports on this error starting 2008. Wow!

What is a working alternative t Thunderbird reading/archiving locally my email and have a calender? Nothing more needed. Turning off HTML/scripts etc. highly appreciated!

Many thanks in advance for suggestions

This is what he is talking about:

I have moved to claws-mail, but I don’t know whether that has a calendar function.

More likely than not, “he” is talking about this here

…if not everybody “will be happy” with the comming changes, more likely than not Thunderbird will go the same way Firefox went with all the “exciting” high-end features you have to turn off (if possible at all…) or ban from the GUI, which takes you hours and hours with every fresh install and after some updates. But that’s not what we are talking about here. :wink:

Many thanks for reply!

Apparently there is a calender

Thunderbird converts emails with proposed meetings generated in Outlook directly into events in the calender. Will check if that works with claws, too. :slight_smile:

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It’s interesting that the lamenting starts before it’s even clear what the changes will look like…kind of to be expected though. There are always users who are against every innovation…


I switched because of the changes already made to Thunderbird. Maybe the new changes will make it better, but I think I’ll stick to claws-mail for now.

Those who like TB the way it is/was may want to think about its heritage. Like Firefox, TB was forked from the Mozilla Web Suite, which consisted of browser, mailnews, address book and (web page) composer. As a consequence of the forkings, the Mozilla Foundation forced the suite to get a new old name - SeaMonkey, old because it was the internal name used by developers since Netscape days, new because it replaced Mozilla as product name. SeaMonkey still exists, with the same face it had at the beginning.

I’ve been using Mozilla now aka SeaMonkey since long before version 1.0, somewhere around 24 years, having been a Netscape user since its v2.02 introduction to OS/2 users. The versions do advance as necessity becomes apparent, but not because anybody without enough to do thinks it has a “dated look” or “crufty code” and needs a facelift or rebuild with a brand new set of bugs to fix. What ain’t broke don’t need fixing. Last SM release was less than a month ago. There are advantages to the integration such a suite provides, in addition to the stability and reliability of absence of “modernization”, keeping my selection of decades past a vital primary component of my web toolbox.

I want my Netsacpe Navigator back! I really liked the lighthouse… :stuck_out_tongue:

Any suggestions on email clients, anybody? :wink: