Thunderbird updates availability - expected delay to get 115.1

To update the installed applications, I use only official mirrors.
A few days ago, zypper updated Thunderbird to version 115.0.1.
This version has a bug which impacts me very badly.
Now, this bug is corrected in the version 115.1.0.

Could someone give me an estimated time to wait before the RPM appears on the mirrors ?

Another question : the site ( mentions the RPM I need.

At the bottom of the page there is a link to

Who built this package ?

Can we trust this supply chain ?

TIA for any info.

I would rather use the one from the mozilla repo.

Edit: it is probably the same package.

This is an official openSUSE mirror and the package is from the Mozilla repository.

openSUSE mirror list:

Problem solved, switched to the Mozilla repo.

Thank you very much swannema & hui.