Thunderbird question


I an an extension developer for Thunderbird - I was installing my
extension on a friends older PC running openSuse 10.3.

I upgraded her Thunderbird from 1.x to and then installed my
extension (quickfolders)

but there are no accept / cancel buttons visible on the options dialog,
only a [Close] button.

I have tested the extension under windows xp (with various themes / OS
themes) and it also works in Mac; any idea why the buttons might not
come up on Linux? Am I missing some rpm files for the system?

I can post the options.xul, if this helps.

I am not a linux specialist, so please try to go put the answer simple.

The other problem was I downloaded the (i586) rpm for Fx version 3 from
the openSuse site; I installed it with Yast but that actually installed
only Fx version 2, Are there any know compatibility issues with opensuse
10.3 and Mozilla products?