Thunderbird profile on network drive

Hi - Newbie here . . . I’m unable to “set” my Thunderbird email client profile(s) to my network drive. Defaults to /home/me/.thunderbird/filename.username. I’m able to initiate profile manager but . . . When I “choose folder” - I can browse to the location of my profile, smb://LANip/Public/Mailbox/Profiles/filename.username. But as I said, that path won’t “set” and profile manager defaults to home directory. Background - Windows user, but realized everything I need is easily available on Linux. (Firefox, LibreOffice, Thunderbird). Instead of updating Win7 to 10, I was able to install Leap without disturbing Win7 and just pick which OS to boot. Handy! So I want to use Linux but roadblocks occurring. Using Windows 7 or 10, I am able to access mail profiles on network drive from all devices on the LAN. Am I overlooking something? Help much appreciated. Gerry

The smb:// URLs are used by file manages like Dolphin to access network drives. But actually such drives are not really “mounted”, i.e. they do not have a plain filesystem path. You can browse to these drives, because a file manager component is used to display the folder selection menu. But finally Thunderbird is not able to use these URLs to access the files. Thunderbird needs a plain filesystem path.

So in order to use such a network drive you have to mount it to a filesystem path. Google for

mount -t cifs

to find more information about that.

How you would actually do that depends on whether you would want to mount the SMB share automatically during boot, or via a command. Some information is e.g. found at (however, please, please do not use sudo, use

su -

instead to switch to a root console and issue the command then as administrator).

Thank you “Let’s”. Give me some time and I’ll get back with my success story!

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Hi again:

Thanks in advance for your patience. (Did I mention I’m a newbie?):slight_smile: I now understand that Dolphin allows user access to my network drive but doesn’t mount it for system to access. Got-it.

Using Konsole, I was able to command su - and enter password to get to root

and using instructions on site you shared ( ), was able to check that the system can query the SMB server.

I’m unclear on next steps. I would like to mount the folder on the network drive (which is a WD dual disk set up RAID 1) and set so any user on this PC can access. So I presume I’d want the folder mounted automatically (because it would become unmounted on restart or change-user).

I’m thinking first, mount the folder Manually, then add a line to the text file /etc/fstab with the exact text as described. Or does the fstab text edit perform the mount function so the manual mount doesn’t need to occur?
And the fstab lines all commence with UUID=xxx, and genearally seem quite different from the text described on the “how to site” (//ip-address/share /path/to/mount-point cifs auto,username<yourlogin>,password<yourpassword>,uid<localuser>,gid<users>,file_mode=0664,dir_mode=0775,iocharset=iso8859-15,vers=2.0 0 0 ). I fear editing/adding this line might mess up something.

I think I may be close. (As you may be able to see, command line work is not my forte).

Thanks, (Still having fun)