thunderbird openpgp

Hi All,

my System is,
Suse Linux 11.1
Thunderbird (20081227)
Enigmail Addon 0.95.7

at this moment i can not send any emails.
This happend, after i disrupt the openpgp
wizard configuration.

Thunderbird only says, that i shall watch my

Any Idea ?

Regards Markus

In your /home there is a hidden folder .thunderbird rename it to thunderbird-old.
You may want to export your address book first
Start Thunderbird then reconfigure your settings and it will make a new .thunderbird. If it does not get all you e-mails you can go to .thunderbird-old there will be a folder named something like f9pc1ei9.default.
Open it and copy everything in the mail folder to you new .thunderbird.
Thunderbird must be closed when you do this