Thunderbird - opening the Annex

I successfully put home OpenSuse 13.2 KDE 64bit, gradually take up little things and now I am back to one hit.
But I believe that it will go somewhere only be set where I need advice.

It is a fact that when my girlfriend comes e-mail with an attachment for example. * .doc, * .xls, … By clicking on the attachment to Thunderbird opens in LibreOffice Writer, but the window with the Annex not active (only on the bar is see it opened), so at first glance, that nothing happened / did not open anything. A clickable followed by another maneuver to open the attachment. However, with the file Impress presentation appears before the postman, other files, not though.

How to do that by opening the attachment to the forefront? To immediately could see that it opened?

Thanks for the advice