Thunderbird on our Toshiba S-70 Satellite laptop -keyring and certificates

This laptop has Xfce DE because of the Optimus graphics.

When we open Tbird, we get a ‘keyring’ box that I don’t see on any of the other units running Leap 15.
(sorry I don’t remember 1st password I set up for her

The other thing is a persistent certificate popup for each email account that is opened, again I do not see that on the machines running KDE. And trying to store them permanently doesn’t work.

I am hoping to get my wife used to openSUSE, and keep her frustrations down, and still get a useful experience without these ‘pecularities’.


Once again I failed to mention something.
These only happen in my wife’s account.
My account appears to be OK.

I’m not sure what the problem is. However, XFCE does normally use the Gnome keyring. And if you use “lightdm” (the XFCE default) for login, that keyring is automatically unlocked during login.

If you have the computer set to autologin the user, then the keyring is not automatically opened, so you might be prompted.

Again, I’m only guessing here as to what the problem might be.

Yes, it is lightDM, and for some reason the keyring is not auto unlocked. it is asking for a password(root, WiFi, her original password I forgot while in hospital)

I she is not set for autologin( I may want to use it too).
It goes through the post up OK with no ‘weirdness’ happening, and she gets the login screen, types in her password,(again no weirdness happening), and things are OK until she opens Tbird and starts checking email accounts then the keyring shows(we cancel it) and the email accounts brings up the certificate popup.

I guess I need to try to capture both the keyring and certificate popups and post them here?

BTW> the keyring also popped up when opening chrome, but I put in her browser of choice, and so far no in it.

This reads like you need to configure Thunderbird to use it’s own password manager (rather than the Gnome keyring) perhaps…

Yes, that could be helpful with respect to the certificate popup at least.

Perhaps it’s something like the following (security exception request) that is occurring?

Yes, that is the certificate popup.
I don’t understand why it is not popping up in my account.

I looked at the details for that certificate, looked up,the domain name, and it is from a Zambra Collabration Server.
Apparantley, our Mediacom ISP feels the need to have a 3rd party involved in the email area.

So we will keep accepting it and try to figure out why it won’t stick as it should.