Thunderbird - New profile message

So installed Thunderbird which I’ve used for 8 years.

This is a VM with all updates, my home system is Manjaro and I have Fedora VM that I use as well/

Only on Leap does Thunderbird complain about newer version and I have to create a new profile.
At the terminal starting with thunderbird -p which brings up the profile manager and I can choose my original profile.

The results are:

Manjaro - Never had to anything
Fedora - After the terminal thing it worked fine
Opensuse - Despite the terminal thing always wants to create a new profile.

All new versions of thunderbird.

What’s up?

Me again

I ought to have said I copy my profile around so always have access to it.
I have a master thunderbird which is where I move to folders etc

Mismatch between “~/.thunderbird/install.ini” and “~/.thunderbird/profiles.ini” perhaps?

Check the contents with a text editor (with TB closed).