Thunderbird, Lightning, Google Calendar - anomoly

I am running
OS: Linux 3.1.9-1.4-desktop x86_64
System: openSUSE 12.1 (x86_64)
KDE: 4.8.2 (4.8.2) “release 491”
Thunderbird 11.0 with Lightning 1.3 and Provider for Google Calendar 0.9

I can create new Events from the Thunderbird calendar interface.
I can delete Events via the Thunderbird calendar interface
Events added and deleted appear properly via the web interface to Google calendar
If I delete an event via the web interface, Tbird calendar interface shows the deletion.
I therefore conclude that the connection between Tbird and GC is working

But when I open an event via the TBird calendar interface, such as to view it, then click Save and Close (whether or not I modify it), I get an error popup

I don’t believe this happened Tbird 10 or earlier.

Anyone else experiencing this?
I’m not sure to dig at Tbird end or Google end.
Add and delete seem like the ultimate modifications to me, and they work OK.

Try running Tbird from a terminal window, invoke the error, then look in the terminal window, you might find messages about missing libs or such

Thanks, great idea.

I get this error when I try to do a modify

Warning: There has been an error reading data for calendar: Carl's Google Calendar.  However, this error is believed to be minor, so the program will attempt to continue. Error code: CAL_IS_READONLY. Description: The user is not allowed to add events to the new calendar

But, I get no errors when I add an Event or delete an Event.

I looked in ViewAbout:config (I have the ViewAbout AddOn ver 2.0.1 installed)


So I do have Read, Create and Delete access to the on-line calendar file (verified that changes made are visible via web interface) but not Modify access.

That sort of feels like the Google end is granting RW access, but Tbird end can’t modify.
Perhaps, for some reason, Tbird id attempting to modify the wrong (or a non-existant) calendar.

I’ll keep digging at Tbird end

I’ve had a similar experience it’s annoying,but harmless, it should disappear with the next update.