thunderbird how to save single emai with multiple attachments

Please don’t confuse this with multiple emails.
The question is about a SINGLE email that has multiple attachments.
There used to be a save-all choice when saving attachments but its gone on my thunderbird in both TW and 15.2
Has it been removed? Anyone know why? It used to be there on older versions (I am pretty sure anyway)

Works for me on Tumbleweed (right click on "7 attachments):

For me it is a the bottom of the message.

After experimenting, I see that it works, but not for inline attachments. I had received some emails with inline photos - several per email and they apparently have to be saved 1 at a time

I am not sure there is a difference between “normal” attachments and “inline attachments”

Is there maybe some setting active that makes that messages are not completely downloaded from the server if they are big?

No, the inline attachments are photos and if they were only partially downloaded it would show.
Send yourself two photos from your iphone to your desktop thunderbird email and see if the save-all option is available.
For me, it is not.

It was not there in openSUSE 42.1 as well (I have a virtual machine vdi with 42.1. It still has old email with attachments this was save before I did the 42.2 upgrade) - I don’t think it has been there since Thunderbird 30. It is not in 38.7.0.The virtual machine made me save the attachments one at a time. Thunderbird is dated 16 March 2016.