Thunderbird hate/love relationship

I use right now Kmail and i really love it. It sleek in design and most important to me, it does print well. Ok its the rendering.

Why is this important?
Well, i do like to print sometimes a document, a letter and not just sit in front of the screen.
I am not sure if its just me who is piggy, but thunderbird just has problems with printing. Even Firefox is a pain in that regard.

Thunderbird works very well with all the other things you usually do with an email client. But printing just never gets better with it.
The last time i printed it always made a weird brake in the letter. Like it wants to make a line break in A4 even if i have Letter selected.
Not sure why it is doing that. But you end up with word like this

come o ver here. blalbla

So between the o and the v is a space. Some fonts seem to make it all over the document.
In the end i gave up on thunderbird, since this is not good at all.

With Kmail i don’t have the problem.

Now, why do i write about it. I think i just want to make sure that its not just me or maybe it is. Or i am crazy, a noob.

The problem i see is, that it never gets fixed. A big report was submitted several times but get ignored. Perhaps not a lot of people print.

That was at least my issue…

I can’t remember when I last printed email.

I pretty much gave up on thunderbird around a year ago, though I still have it installed. I find that I am mainly using web mail, so only needed Thunderbird for the occasional crypto (gpg signed and/or encrypted) message. I decided, instead, to go with claws-mail. That became possible when claws was included in the gpg4win package, as I wanted to have the same mailer on Windows if possible.

What really caused me to be fed up with Thunderbird, is the way it handles (or mishandles) smtp servers. I have two email addresses with my ISP. And my ISP requires that I authenticate with the appropriate account based on the “From:” line. So I setup two smtp servers in Thunderbird. They were both the same actual server, but with different authentication credentials. Thunderbird could not handle that. It stored the account/password info for the first account that I setup. Then, when sending mail with the sender address of the second account, and supposedly the smtp server for the second account, it arbitrarily decided that the info for the first account matched.

My current workaround, should I ever need it, is to use a separate thunderbird profile for the second account. But that makes things more complicated than they need be.

For the way that I use email, claws-mail is fine. Because each message is an individual file, I can copy an email message over the network (with ssh/scp) so that a message received on my work computer can just as easily be used on the home system.

Multiple profiles with the same SMTP server work just fine for me. You choose the sender from the dropdown and it logins with correct account and the password required is the matching one.