Thunderbird annoying band with email details when moving it to another folder

on my Leap 15 system, using Thunderbird 60 (60.0-lp150.3.14.1.x86_64) I started to have this pretty annoying behavior when I need to move an email from Inbox to some subfolder I have already defined (moving is by drag and drop): as soon as I click and start to drag the email, it starts to move a large (long) band consisting of email subject, sender, date+hour … and being that stupid large it stays in my way, I can’t see where my destination folder is.
The only successful drag and drop that I can do is when I click first the left-most end of the email from the list, and in this way I am able to see at least in part the destination folder in the left side tree of folders, and thus I am able to drop it there !

If I have to move more than one email at the same time I am not even allowed ! As stupid as it sounds, I can’t grab them by clicking in the left side of the selected bunch of email, the selection is lost and it only grabs one single email; I have to first press on the SHIFT key in order to let me grab the multiple marked emails, and then let me drag them to destination. Clicking the selected bunch somewhere in the middle of the line, grabs them alright, but the **** band with their title contents gets in the way and I can’t see where I’m about to drop them, so I cannot move them this way.
The other way of moving by right-clicking on them and select from the menu the destination folder is way too long and disturbing to be helpful.

The bad behavior/culprit is this very annoying band. It started to manifest after the most recent update to Thunderbird. Unfortunately I wasn’t paying much attention what was the exact previous version of Thunderbird.
The old one simply did let me drag and drop emails by simply changing the mouse cursor to some sort of hand while dragging them (or other similar simple cursor, I wasn’t even really very sure which was it, but I think you all get the picture).

Can any one give the right clue toward the particular setting in Thunderbird (if any) where this band cursor is defined, so I can change it to the former simple cursor instead ?