Thunderbird after upgrading from Leap 15.5 to Tumbleweed

I have just completed an upgrade from Leap 15.5 to TW and am tidying up my system. I have been running Firefox and Thunderbird as my system defaults with KeepassXC (AppImage) as pw manager and pCloud (AppImage) for cloud storage.

On booting to my TW and attempting to run Thunderbird for the first time after the upgrade to TW, I get a popup alert “You have launched an older version of Thunderbird” which requires me to create a new profile.
The T’bird version I now have is 102.14.0-1.2.
Of course I failed to record what version I had been running on Leap 15.5 but whatever version it was it was the app which kept crashing.

It is a bit of a chore creating a new profile in that I have to sort out my calendars and add-ons which takes time but all doable. Are there any pitfalls before I start and what has been flagged to create this warning?

Leap rather unexpectedly got update to TB 115 early.

andrei@leap154:~/src> zypper se -t package -sx mozillathunderbird
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S | Name               | Type    | Version                 | Arch   | Repository
  | MozillaThunderbird | package | 115.1.0-150200.8.127.1  | x86_64 | Update repository with updates from SUSE Linux Enterprise 15

That seems familiar. I suspect Mozilla were a bit too enthusiastic as T’bird 115 crashed constantly and precipitated my move back to TW. Ironic don’t you think!

You can install betterbird (thunderbird with a lot of fixes) 102 and control when it updates to 115.

I have been on betterbird since January.

scroll down to the 102 install and select the Linux Archive for your language.

Why should Mozilla have been to enthusiastic? In Leap 15.5 you had Thunderbird 115 installed and you accomplished to downgrade Thunderbird to version 102 as 115 is only available in the Mozilla repo for TW.
Downgrading a Thunderbird profile is not supported and will likely damage the profile. Thunderbird profiles are upwards compatible but not backwards…you cant open a 115 profile in a 102 Thunderbird. Thats why you get the warning.

Thunderbird 115 runs stable and does not crash on any of my machines…
So simply add the Mozilla repo to your TW and you can use your 115 profile with Thunderbird 115.

Hi hui,
Thanks for your feedback. I am very pleased that you have had no issues with T’bird v115. Sadly my experience has been very different. I have not been able to diagnose exactly where my problems first arose so I cannot confirm that any underlying problem on my Leap 15.5 system has been only due to T’bird 115 but repeat that it has been T’bird v115 which has crashed to the extent that it was unusable.

What I found strange and why I used the epithet is that I do find it strange that T’bird has been upgraded from 102 to 115 in Leap 15.5 but not yet in TW, at least not in my network upgrade from 15.5 to TW. I had understood that 15.5 was intended as the reliable version and TW the more cutting edge.

I do not understand your phrase “you accomplished to downgrade Thunderbird to version 102 as 115 is only available in the Mozilla repo for TW.” This is not correct but may have been misstated. I enjoy the downgrade of T’bird from 115 to 102 automatically as a result of my upgrading the OS from15.5 to TW.

I understand the significance of attempting to use a profile from T’bird 115 on my T’bird 102 system. I have accepted the warning and simply done as suggested and created a new profile. I was just interested in exactly what had changed and whether there were technical reasons or whether it was an automatic prompt for any downgrade of T’bird.

Thank you for suggesting that I can add the Mozilla repo to my TW but I shall respectfully not accept but wait for the upgrade through my openSUSE TW repos. My T’bird v102 version is working fine for me on TW thanks.

@Budgie2 Now your on Tumbleweed, you should also keep an eye on the Factory Mailing List for issues… Thunderbird 115 is there…

Hi Malcolm,
Many thanks, I have subscribed to the list as you suggested. You are aware however, although I am now designated a Shaman Penguin and it is true I am an older Penguin, I am far from a wise one. More a sham Shaman.

I am still working on restoring my system now it is running TW. I have not yet enabled pCloud but have KeePassXC working after a fashion. Recent security changes everywhere mean I am still playing catchup.

While trying to stop the system freezes with my Leap 15.5 system earlier I had started using Brave. Now I am on TW I have restored Firefox as my default browser and Thunderbird as my email client. No crashes now but when I get an email from this list which include a link to the forum and open it it still opens Brave. Where is this setting in Thunderbird and how change it so that the link opens in Firefox?

@Budgie2 Maybe there is a Default Apps tool on the DE?

I found a possible issue with the Recent Files in the Workspace Behaviour in that the Brave browser could not be eliminated even when I tried to forget all history so that might be it.
The only solution in the end was to un-install Brave which I have done and now FF is working correctly. It seems that Brave takes over as the default even when I have not designated it as default and FF is my default browser.
Thanks for the suggestion.