Thunderbird 6.0 Attachments

I am running 11_4, KDE 4.7
I recently updated to Thunderbird 6.0, all seems to work well except for an issue with opening Attachments.

Earlier in the year, an update (may have been to TB3) seemed to break Tbird’s mime processing, offering little or no help opening attachments to emails (such as .jpgs). The ability to modify actions in Edit-Preferences-Attachments seems broken as well.
I had solved this by loading an add-on, OpenAttachmentByextension, which worked well. It failed to load when I updated to 6.0.
Hacking about, I found that a simple edit restores the extension.

In the TBird profile, I found the folder with the extension in
The default location is usually ~/.thunderbird, in my case I keep the profile on my Windows volume so I can access the TBird directories from either Win7 or SuSE.
The folder name is created by the install process, you have to sort thru them to find the right folder.

I made the following edit to the file install.rdf in the above extension folder.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<RDF xmlns=""

    <Description about="urn:mozilla:install-manifest">
        <em:description>Open the attachment by extension and not by mimetype</em:description>
        <em:creator>Paolo Kaosmos</em:creator>
            <Description about="urn:mozilla:extension:file:openattachmentbyextension.jar">

#old                     <em:maxVersion>5.*</em:maxVersion>



The extension now loads and runs fine.
I suppose the extension will be updated soon, but try this in the interium

> I am running 11_4, KDE 4.7
> I recently updated to Thunderbird 6.0

since Thunderbird 6.0 exists only in the openSUSE repo named factory, it
is by definition software unreleased by or for openSUSE…

so, your question should not be in the (released) applications forum,
but rather in the unreleased forum <> where
the other software testers hang out, and might see your question…

you could pm a moderator and ask them to move your misplaced post for you…

WAIT–after closer reading i see you didn’t ask a question but instead
made a how-to, which you could ask to be moved to the unreviewed how-to
forum, here:

thank you for your contribution!

oh WAIT, did you install from the openSUSE Factory repo or did you
install from a mozilla provided tarball/rpm? if from the latter, try
uninstalling the package from mozilla and instead installing from
factory (you could use yast or zypper) and see if your fix is not
needed…if it is needed, you should log log a bug against the factory
package and tell them how to fix it…so, users don’t have to…

again, thank you for your contribution!

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Actually, it loaded from Index of /repositories/mozilla/openSUSE_11.4 which for sure is not standard 11_4, but neither am I sure it is or isn’t considered Factory.
An rpm, not tarball.

The Thunderbird application issue, mime type not working, has been around a while(since TB3, I believe). Seems known on Mozilla sites, but not yet fixed.

The extension not working is not really a bug, just that it has probably not been blessed for TB 6 yet by the developer.
This was an attempt on my part to try it anyway; it worked.
In the process, I learned a bit on how extensions are stored and processed.
For anyone who wants to try, the same edit to the install.rdf file for the KWallet extension also seems to allow it to work.

If this should be moved to a different Forum, I’d be happy to move it.