Thunderbird 3 date format

This is something I already encountered in TB2 and solved at some time but I can’t remember what the solution was… Messages are listed in the US date format MM/DD/YYYY instead of DD/MM/YYYY. My location and default language are set correctly to EN_AU. I’ve done some googling today but none of the solutions put forward seem to work.
I can’t believe that, after heaven-knows-how-many betas and RCs, something as elementary for email management as this is not a simple user setting!

This was for TB2. I use the method and it works fine.

Date display format - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

I’ve been through that page and saw that. Have so far refused to try that one on the grounds that it is a ridiculous way to deal with such a simple issue in the NEXT major version of an app which had that well-known problem in a PREVIOUS major version…
But I’ll probably mellow in the morning and try it out, thanks!

I’ll have to wipe the egg off my face now… A full reboot after changing the locale settings has indeed made TB3 handle dates correctly. Restarting X was not enough: you sort of get out of the rebooting habit once you’ve abandoned Windows for good, but sometimes even Linux needs a full reboot to make things stick.