Thunderbird 115

I was looking for Thunderbird 115 in repo and it’s still at 102. I heard there was a separate Mozilla repo? Just wondering the best way to get 115, thanks!

@SgtApple In a nutshell, don’t :wink:

As a Tumbleweed user, the suggestion is always follow the Factory Mailing List:


To get thunderbird 115, move to leap 15.5, the “slow” distro. It comes there, gratis. (sarcastic comment!!)

tom kosvic

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Alternatively, use the flatpak. Now that Thunderbird has taken over the flathub repo for Thunderbird, it should stay up to date.

Maybe this message can help you to understand the reason

I’ll just throw my 2 cents worth in…

Personally I download the tar files for both Thunderbird and Firefox and extract and run them in my home directory. No need for flatpaks nor a package. And updates come straight from Mozilla developer when ready.

I installed the flatpak version and found it would not recognise my TB profile, but insisted on creating a new one. I downloaded TB 115.1.1 (which appears to be a sort of appimage, I just copied the whole folder to /opt and run it from there) and it works fine.