Thumbs up to SUSE team

Today I found myself in a situation where I needed a re-install. I decided on whim to try Ubuntu Server, just to see what it was all about (people seem to rave about it lately). After going that route, I now appreciate YaST, and SUSE in general, far more than I did before.

I’m by no means trying to start a war of words between myself and Ubuntu fans. It has it’s pros. But I had so many problems with it, from quirky configuration issues to outright stability problems, I eventually gave up and went back with the tried-and-true SUSE that I know works.

So this is a “thumbs up” to all of the people who develop and contribute to YaST and SUSE in general. You probably don’t get near the credit you deserve.

Nice to hear Jason. We surely all agree with you.:wink:

Agreed. Been thinking on trying Ubuntu because I might encounter it on my new job… but I couldn’t miss Yast :slight_smile: