Thumbnails in "open" dialog - possible ?

Is it possible to see graphic file thumbnails in a generic “open” dialog, e.g. if I want to chose an avatar in Opera. I.e. is there a “thumbnails” view like in XP ?

Come again. Not sure what you mean. Screen?!

OK, here’s what I mean.

In the first screenshot, I can see the preview of wallpapers in Dolphin dialog using “Preview” button:

In the second, I use Opera’s “File open” dialog and I only have choice of detailed view vs icon view. No preview. So if I need to select a graphic file I don’t really see what it is. Only the file name.

In XP, the same dialogs are used systemwide and I can see the thumbnails in “Open”, “Save as” etc. dialogs.

I was wondering if the same could be done in SUSE, or if the dialogs are program-specific.

I ran into that trying to select an avatar for this forum, and realizing there was no way to see what the picture was from within “File open” dialog in Opera. Not a big deal, but definitely a nice feature to have.

I don’t see it in Opera either. Sorry. It would be nice.

Well, hopefully this functionality gets added one of these days… Thanks for the help !