thrue sicurity

I would like to set up a server that supplies the internet connection to the local area. It could also hold the users and there profiles and serve them to the workstations. I want to filter the content and the web pages that people would have access to.

How do I go about this.

Modem - Server - Router - LAN

knock knock…


There are distros that combine a firewall with mail server, storage server, web proxy and filtering, and other services, all in one box, administered with a web interface and all you have to do is to run the install CD. You have to dedicate a machine to the job. This would be simpler than trying to mould a general purpose distro like OpenSUSE to the job, but of course, Linux being Linux, it’s very flexible, provided you have the time.

Search the net for products like Clarkconnect, Endian Firewall, Zeroshell There are free community versions of these products.

I’m using Squid + DansGuardian for content filtering, and Samba + openLDAP as DC for Windows workstations.

This is good Neq. How did you set it up?


It seems as though setting one these services that you are talking about would be the same amount of work to do what I would like to do in house.



any more comments?

Those distros are designed to install a complete server from the CD, and afterwards you manage it via a web interface. You don’t have to deal with config files directly. That’s probably less work that getting several OpenSUSE services to work together. Just editing squid.conf will give you a headache; so many choices.