Three UK Mobile Broadband dongle

Hi Guys,

I have 3 E160G mobile broadband dongle. When I plug in, i can see it in my Network Manager but I have no idea how to configure them to get it working.

Can someone help me with it please?

Please note that I am very new :(. You might have to explain to me step by step. :shame:

Many thanks

Well I don’t know whether 3 mobile UK is the same as here in Oz, but this is what I did for 3 Mobile Oz, except I was using my phone:
Wireless HSDPA broadband in Suse/openSUSE Using Nokia 6120 Mobile Phone as Modem on Three Mobile Australia

I did connect with a dongle too, to the Telstra 3G network here, and it was essentially the same as when I connected my mobile phone, except for the dial number. Here’s what I did for the dongle:
Wireless broadband in Suse/openSUSE for Bigpond Next G Network (HSDPA-enabled bp3-usb)

I used Kinternet to connect and disconnect, rather than Network Manager. Kintenet (a dial-up tool) works a treat.

Hope it helps.

Thanks swerdna!

I will give a try when I get back home later in the evening. :slight_smile:

sorry this may be alittle out of topic, do you know how to display the system tone that is from motherboard?

lets say in firefox, if i search some text and if it couldn’t find, that system tone came out. It is kinda annoying…

No I don’t really, just use the volume control. maybe for KDE: menu –> Configure Desktop –> Notifications? Or start another thread, perhaps.