Three monitors

Hi all,
I am new to these forums and new to OpenSUSE (not to linux, though).

I have a new Lenovo T440 laptop I use for work. It came preinstalled with Windows 8.1, but I installed OpenSUSE 13.2 onto it, in a dual-boot configuration.
OpenSUSE is working very well, but I have problems when it comes to using the docking station.

At work I connect the laptop to his docking station, which adds a few more usb ports and two monitor connectors (one VGA, one DVI).
Windows 8.1 sees three monitors: the internal laptop monitor and the two external ones. As the laptop usually stays with his lid closed when docked, it is used as a dual-monitor system when docked and as a single-monitor system when not docked.

The problem is that OpenSUSE sees only two of the three monitors: the internal one (connected but disabled when the lid is closed) and one of the two external monitors.
Running xrandr from the command line I see: eDP1 (the internal monitor) connected and disabled, DP1 disconnected, DP2 connected (one of the two external monitors). Resolution is correct for both eDP1 and DP2.

The two external monitors are actually both working, but the image is cloned instead of having the desktop extending over the two. I am using KDE, and I only see two monitors in the “display configuration” panel in “System settings”: eDP1 and DP2.

Here is the output of inxi -G (not docked presently):

Graphics: Card: Intel Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller
X.Org: 1.16.1 drivers: intel (unloaded: fbdev,vesa) Resolution: 1600x900@60.01hz
GLX Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel Haswell Mobile GLX Version: 3.0 Mesa 10.3.7

Help, anyone?

Thank you in advance

From what I’ve been able to gleam, support for display port multi-stream transport has been work in progress

So, it would seem that using a newer kernel (3.17+) might be the answer here. I’ll leave you to investigate further.

Hi Deano

Thank you very much.

I’ll keep the forum updated on my progress.


Hi all,
I’m now on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed (I do prefer rolling distros), with kernel 4.0.1.
This release of the kernel is doing a perfect job and has completely solved my three-monitor problem.

Thank you!

That’s great news! :slight_smile: