three mobile dongle for a linux beginner

hi and hello im very new to linux and have just installed opensuse 11.2 , however i have no idea how to get my hauwei dongle to work can anyone help, im quite young so it may have to be simplyfied for me many thanks

maybe plug it in; stand back;see if anything happens;

(ie a prompt that it recognises your device);

assuming you are using kde as a desktop; (as that is now the default on OpenSuse);

right click on what I believe is called knetworkmanager;

(should be two TV screens at bottom right)

select moble broadband; ADD; (to add your config)

select the country; select network;

accept; close;

now LEFT-CLICK on network manager

your config should be there; click to dial-up:

when on-line, select firefox

any joy?

Thank you so much, a combo of this and random luck clicking has me online, Thank you!!!

delighted to hear this! Enjoy!