Maybe I am mardy, but I really like, then on web forum, there are visible threads like at Czech ABCLinuxu have. Look at this Anketa o distribuci 2008 (diskuse) for clue. It is possible, to have something similar here? :slight_smile:

There is a “Threaded” option in your control panel that might help.

I know about it, but it is really weird. That example is much more usable. But I understand it is not easy to implement.

Thank-you for your view, and thank you for your participation.

I don’t know anything about the technical aspects of configuring VBulletin, but I participated in a forum a few years ago that migrated over from the webbbs (I think) to VBulletin. The thing that a majority of the users hated about VBulletin, was its threaded modes paled (saying it politely) in comparison to webbs. …

Now the discussion threads (that I read) noted there were plugins that could be applied to VBulletin, to improve the threading experience. Still not equivalent to the webbs threading, but a significant improvement.

The complication was, such plugins made the maintenance of VBulletin much more complex, as every security update required the re-installation of the threading plugin. So the volunteer admin simply did security updates on a far less frequent basis.

Then there came the day that the board was brought down and user security compromised by a hack, that could have been prevented IF the volunteer admin had done the extra work. After the finger pointing and flames about compromised security ceased, we took a hard look at what happened and why. Of course the extra work was far too much for the size of the forum, and after discussing with the membership, and after recovering from backup, the plugins were removed. The bottom line in that case, was to maintain continual security, it was decided to simply, as much as practical, use the default VBulletin configuration with minimal plugins. … apologies, I don’t know the correct word … it may be called something other than plugins … ].

I don’t know if that is a consideration here, but I do know if I read of a bunch of plugins being applied to our VBulletin setup, I will express my concern on this.

Anway, … hopefully someone in the “KNOW” will comment on this. … Thats about all that I know in this area.

Thankyou for your participation. And thank you once again for your views. Those views are appreciated, and even if there are grumpy old codgers like myself who have concerns, we have a bunch of keen mods/admins who are looking at all sorts of neat and shiny things.