thoughts on songbird on openSUSE

im not sure how everyone else around here feels about songbird, but i think it would be awesome if a "SUSE"ified version of songbird was released with either the 11.3 release of openSUSE or the next one. the only real thing i would fix with songbird though is the fact that is has a web browser which eats ram. it is still a very good app that i think should be considered though.

I agree. I was using Amarok in my previous 11.0 build, but with my recent new build on 11.2 I decided to try songbird (OK, I confess it was because I was having issues with the new version of Amarok). It was such an easy install and setup that I was sure it had not completed properly. So far, so good. I really like what I have seen so far.

I’ve been using Songbird on and off on 11.1 and now 11.2. It mostly works fine except I often have trouble playing some of the radio stations on shoutcast. I often have to have multiple attempts at get them to play and sometime have to being playing a track from my HDD before switching to a shoutcast station.

I also don’t like how it has it’s own window style and decorations.

the biggest problem ive had with it is that it would not recognize some of the metadata of my music and so i had to re-scan the media to fix it, but hey, its still a darn good player. i didnt really like amarok either for some reason, i ended up using banshee before songbird on my opensuse install. as far as not liking the window style and decorations, well i guess its a matter of preference lol because i love songbird’s style.