Thoughts on 11.2

While the desktop is beautiful, why hasn’t the openSUSE team created a new theme/look for windows and window title bars to match? It would look even better if all windows looked like the widget window that’s on the desktop. It’s be more consistent and much more modern than cleanlooks, oxygen or any of the other window styles available - all these look like they’re from 10 years ago.

Please openSUSE team - fix the window styles!

Not to be insulting but you do know you can change the window style in Configure Desktop? Kmenu>Confiure Desktop>Appearance>windows
You can also under Colors click the Scheme Tab & click Get More Schemes
Now after about a month after installing 11.2 I must say I’m a happy Suser. KDE’s problems are for the most part solved. All my hardware was detected, everything works.
The only thing that bothers me is that Sax is no longer in Yast, outside of that I’m:)

Sure I know that but you can’t change the button icons and you can’t make it translucent. It’s NOT possible to make it the same style as the window widget on the desktop.

Show me what you want. Screen shot with text inserts and arrows. I’m dumb - I can’t understand what you want.

I think its great.

I think, he says that:

Or at least, that the QT theme should be better composed with plasma and openSUSE green.

It is repaired when the desktop effects are enabled lol! The panel and widgets are transparent and you can make the windows and menus transparent in system settings->desktop effects. The windows are not blurred but it’s not openSUSE’s fault. QT just can’t do it so complain to Nokia and QT developers.:stuck_out_tongue:

Try using the Glassified desktop Theme or SlimGlow. You need effects enabled for transparency.