Thonny packages for OpenSUSE Leap ?


Our local school is running OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 KDE on all its desktop clients. The math and physics teacher would like to use Thonny, a beginner-friendly Python IDE for beginners. I found no package for Thonny in the official repositories, and the site only sports very outdated packages for OpenSUSE.

Any suggestions on how to get Thonny on our OpenSUSE clients without jumping through burning loops?



Thonny can be installed through pip. The only thing it reported missing was python3-tk, for which it reported the proper zypper command. So, what I did was:

pip3 install thonny --user
sudo zypper in python3-tk
cd ~/.local/bin

Here you go, it needs python3-asttokens as well;

Project ref:
Project Ref:


Built for Leap 15.0, 15.1 and Tumbleweed.

Or as indicated, install via pip3 (it’s python3 only)…

I recommend renaming “python3-thonny” to just “thonny” as it is not a Python library. This would also reduce confusion, because in other repositories it is already known as “thonny”:

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Aivar (Thonny’s developer)

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It’s done :wink: and deleted the other files.

@OP, use the link above.

Thanks everybody for your helpful answers.

As much as I’d like to go with binary packages from a repository (thanks for that), I have to consider availability on future version of Leap. In the meantime, since we only have a handful of Thonny users in our school (a dozen or so), I went for the official installer which installs everything under ~/apps/thonny and installs a desktop shortcut for it. Since we use central authentication, every student only has to install it once in his home directory and then it stays available in his session on every computer in the school.

Cheers from the cold South of France.

Thanks Malcolm!

Do you believe its time to finally move it to the general repository? :wink:

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Maybe, I need to submit python-asttokens first and get that into Tumbleweed first. I’ve cleaned and updated so will submit that first and then look at Thonny.

NOTE:Looks like python-asttokens will only build for Tumbleweed now, so may not go any further… :frowning:

Maybe for now only for Tumbleweed? Then enable for all the rest, when they get up to date.

Yes, once the Leap releases move on :wink:

I submitted python-asttokens to the development repo, lets see what happens.

Maybe for now only for Tumbleweed? Then enable it for all the rest, when they get up to date.

Just an update, thonny on it’s way into Factory, hopefully can get python3-asttokens into Leap 15.3, then it will be there…