Thnx for the great journey, see u next time

first of all i would like to thank all the people who made this distro
i have to say i tried many different like ubuntu kubuntu sabayon mint, but i didn’t feel Satisfied like what i’ve felt with Opensuse

i really dont have much time to come by and ask for a question when i have a problem with the system and then a user come and give me a non-complete solution and other user come later and thinks he is a Geek ! and tell me wrong stuff to do… and how am i suppose to know, i would do and it would screw up everything.

i had i think a little problem but i couldn’t find any Clear and informative guide to solve it out,
Like i used to have in windows…
here Cant see openSUSE after reinstalled xp - openSUSE Forums

i needed to get my bookmarks so bad but the help wasn’t enough, i had to format the partition when i became very desperate and of course losing my data, because of the intelligent os cant see my NTFS partitions from the live cd, and i cant reinstall gurb

and when a user helped me out and i’ve gone to go completeing my problem soultion i didn’t find Terminal !!!

how come ? really this depressing, to see this nice os and all this nice developers working in everything so well and so nice and the, they let something small and very important isnt available and clear for end-simple user new to the system trying to solve the system mistakes or bugs…

sorry but i dont have much time to keep asking question and wait like 3-4 days to get and answer for my lil question and keep all my work on hold…
no one will take that…

i formated the partitions and merge it then converted to NTFS and setup Windows 7 Ultimate Beta, btw its also free and nice. so almost the same.

but its doesn’t crash every time i install an app or try to get along with the system. and taking to much time to install an app,

i remeber also when i did the important update as the nofication told me in the Opensuse after restart the Title Bars on the windows above Menus bars dissappeared…

relly people you shouldn’t let this things happen.
cuz it will get rid of the people from using the system.
i get bored from the system from this stuff,

anyway i know you all know that already
you are doing a great job & i wish you do even more better, just take care of the little triffle stuff that getting new users away from using linux…

may be will see you next time later, to try a newer distro.
best of luck.

Good luck to you too. Hope you return some day when you’re finished with windows 7.

Or Windows 7 is finished with you. :slight_smile:

You can find the terminal in Computer → More applications.

And, if you don’t feel like making a little research to use an OS, stick with windows or mac. Linux is not for anyone. It still has a long way to go for it to be mainstream. In the meanwhile, keep on worrying about crashes, virii, and in general a crappy OS. Or, pay thousands.


thnx all for your responses,

@ swerdna
i sure will be back later sometime, after you imporve this lil tweaks and the bugs,
i want to try linux even more it’s just i dont have that time right now. :slight_smile:

again i enjoyed the system, it’s just need more time to get used to, and need some fixes…

@ ken_yap
you dont respect yourself, so i wont respect you… :stuck_out_tongue:

@ monoRhesus i have a registered Vista home premium i didn’t pay thouands or so as u say.!
actually i didn’t pay for it, it came with the laptop, and XP on my desktop is working fine from 3 years as well.

and i have Avira antivirus very strong and effective antivirus and internet protection, so everything is fine. :wink:
and the system is pretty much stable and not slow. :slight_smile:

anyway life is nice guys try to enjoy it, and try as much as u can from it.
i’ll be back later to enjoy opensuse with you even more and look for other distros too…


Huh, what’s respect got to do with it? It’s only rational choice here.

For you probably Windows is what you need at the moment. You have to crawl before you can walk, and walk before you can run. :stuck_out_tongue:

For me Linux is what I prefer since I can get more done with Linux, plain and simple, and I feel relaxed with it. But then I’ve been using it, and computers in general, longer.

What you needed to do is very simple.

Install XP to a Windows partition.
Then install openSUSE to rest of the disk.
Boot loader, use generic MBR code, and install GRUB into the /boot partition (usually /). That involves checking and setting options, in the boot loader forms of the installer. Generally boot with GRUB, but make the XP partition active, if you need to repair it’s installation.

You can make things easier if you have 2 disks to, then XP won’t interfere with the other install as it’s not on it’s system disk.

Fixing errors made by GUI systems, is always going to be hard to understand. But the advice given was right, the effects you describe would appear to be due to an inability to follow the technical information.

In this case it’s XP that was at fault, because it overwrote your boot code without asking. You would not have been able to fix such a problem, with MS tools, and if you try to work with the Vista boot loader, you’ll find it is even more complicated and difficult.

ahhh the Vista Bootloader should be a personal violation law suit of its own. It is exclusive under the guise of secure.

Enjoy your journey LeitoSR. Enjoy it as much as we enjoy ours and surely you will be back. But should you return, be aware, the journey does not end.

formated the partitions and merge it then converted to NTFS and setup Windows 7 Ultimate Beta, btw its also free and nice. so almost the same.
The beta might be so, the finished product wont be. Guaranteed the beta isn’t made to receive any long term support either, so you’ll end up with an insecure system. (Though I’m quite sure it will simple refuse to boot at all after a set period of time).
@ monoRhesus i have a registered Vista home premium i didn’t pay thouands or so as u say.!
actually i didn’t pay for it, it came with the laptop, and XP on my desktop is working fine from 3 years as well.
Yes you did, price being included in a ‘total package’ doesn’t equal it being free of charge.

I’ll agree with you of the support being worse, but then again considering the amount of people familiar with windows compared to that of those familiar with linux it’s to be expected.

Wish you the best, and keep in mind that windows 7 is beta and as such wont be available for free very long.

LeitoSR ,
Didn’t find the terminal?, click around the system, you will not hurt anything!
There’s no such thing as a “free puppy”, linux , windows, apple, they all need care and feeding, parts, monitors, memory as each gets fatter, 3D and all. The big hassle with linux is the’s, with Apple just drop in the cd from epson, nvidia, or anyone else and bang it works. Yes, I know, patents all that stuff, but maybe in the future :wink:

This thread made me lol!, I think this thread is the flavor of the month in the General Chit-chat forum.

Haha love it! lol!