This is the new license for the Steam client.

Not a official file, but I had formatting problems: License Agreement
If all goes well, it will be a part of this week’s planned upstream client update, or the next one.

I hope this solves it, now we can have steam return on the odb :slight_smile:

  • Gps2010 wrote, On 01/30/2013 06:06 AM:
    > I hope this solves it, now we can have steam return on the odb:)

And I hope that the RPM will fix my dreaded “Failed to load” problem :slight_smile:


I had this too. IIRC installing libpng12-32bit did the trick. ( plus the rest of the lot of 32bit packages). But, there was an rpm for a couple of days, that worked, wouldn’t that work now?

The package steam will prob not return, on the odb.

SUSE does not want to agree to some part of the license.
Steam is not open source.

About he license, I am trying to have Valve and SUSE talk which each-other.

The fact its not open source is only a small problem.
SUSE has server for software like this.

For now we have a solution though.

We have a one click download, which is not an rpm, but an installer, which downloads the deb, and installs it.

Tried that today, and after cleaning up the ruins of previous installation attempts of steam, it seems to work. Downloading Team Fortress right now. So a big thank you for all your efforts!


Youre welcome but the installer on opensuse, is all done by our friend who also made the rpm.

I don’t see why there would be a problem. The Linux terms in the steam license was specifically written to allow steam to be repackaged and freely distributed in a distribution repository. It would obviously have to go into the Non-oss repo, but that repo exists for free software that is not open source, like flash player, java, and …steam.

i think that it will be more easier to people of we create a page that tell people which game in steam work in opensuse and which game doesn’t. no??

All games released in steam beta should work on openSUSE too, if not it should be reported on the github.

And we do have an rpm again :slight_smile: