This Is How I installed my printer in 11.0 KDE4!

I have an HP PhotosmartC3180 & even after installing it in yast I couldn’t get it to do much except print test pages. Scanning forget about it. You have that kind of problem?
Well here’s something that helped me & I hope will help my fellow Susers. The problem may be the hplip 2.8.4 driver that comes with Suse 11.0 KDE4,Gnome I don’t know, but maybe this’ll fix it for Gnome too. It might be you will need the 2.8.6 hplip driver. What I had to do was go here:

HP Linux Imaging and Printing (HPLIP)

That link will get you to the home page links to downloads & fully illustrated instructions are there. I now have a fully operational printer & scanner. If I could follow these instructions & get it anyone can.