This is a test for the "🡕" char when using Firefox

🡕 Testing

This was a test

Welcome to the openSUSE forums.

It is a bit strange question you ask about openSUSE :wink:

Your character is correct in the text: NORTH EAST SANS-SERIF ARROW (U+1F855). But as I do not seem to have a font in my system that has the corresponding glyph, I see a box with the hex code in it.

Here is the history of this topic. Within the old forum (and the old forum software) this special character lead to strange behaviour of the forum editor when Firefox/Palemoon was used…

As the firefox people slept to long, they came back to recreate the problem 3 month after reporting, but we already switched to Discourse…so they closed the bug.

Yes, ancient history now.