This guy didn't enjoy his openSUSE experience

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It would be a shame if this kind of review scared people away from openSUSE! Sounds nothing like my own experience, that’s for sure.

It probably will scare those people away that have the same expectations (set by ubuntu, pclos, and the like) as the reviewer. Now he did give credit to the openSUSE Installer and YaST. Well we all know about openSUSE and its multimedia out of the box (not Gnome’s finest area ootb). IMO multimedia ootb will now (wrongly?) put off many desktop users from trying openSUSE, given the comparatively easier experience they will have with PCLOS 2010 and the ubuntu’s, for example. Apart from the comments about the partitioner and the “invalid key” from the developer of Banshee (IIRC), was there much else to the review?

I think and hope many Windows users would be looking for a more comprehensive review, assuming they do more with their PC than play music and videos. Maybe that is too much to hope for nowadays. :slight_smile:

Must be a new openSUSE release due soon… :wink:

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oysterboy wrote:
> It would be a shame if this kind of review scared people away from
> openSUSE!

my opinion, ignore it at will:

actually, everyone on earth who wants to install and operate a Linux
computer without referencing any documentation (as did the reviewer)
should choose to try their luck with Ubuntu, Mint or one of the other
distros focused on kids and others who are anti-readers with anger
issues and no patience (as is the reviewer, apparently)…

had he successfully installed openSUSE he might have just one more in
a long line of Redmond Ship Jumpers who come here expecting those of
us who have read (or written) the docs (or invested a LOT of time in
trying and failing) to hand them a short, foolproof step-by-step
road-map to do everything that want to do, without thinking or
understanding anything…

get real!

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Psst The blogger is an Ub* tr*** oops I mean user :wink:

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> ‘OpenSUSE 11.2 Review – GNOME Desktop Environment » Raymond.CC
> Blog’ (
> It would be a shame if this kind of review scared people away from
> openSUSE! Sounds nothing like my own experience, that’s for sure.

Here’s my opinion, I would never have even known about this blog if you had
not posted it…I suspect most people that try SuSE won’t read it either.
As for his opinions, seems like one of those guys that is angry about
everything and loves diatribes for their ‘entertainment value’. Not very
useful. There are of course machines that Linux installs just don’t work
well on. I encounter them several times a year but it’s no need to get your
panties in a wad.

The thing is, this review is something like the fifth or sixth result returned by Google when searching for ‘openSUSE GNOME’…

To be fair, I ran into a lot of multimedia problems when using openSUSE for the first time, before finding this forum and the multimedia FAQ.

So there’s another clueless troll bashing against some Linux-distribution. Big deal.

No one in this forum would care one bit if, for example, someone right here would bash Ubuntu or its derivates as being a system for illiterate, childish and impatient hotheads. For instance.

Well there’s your problem, he’s using Gnome. :stuck_out_tongue:
One of the biggest reasons I like openSUSE is because it’s one of the few distros that integrates with KDE well. If I wanted to use Gnome I’d switch to Fedora.

Yeh openSUSE has terrible gnome integration, just as Ubuntu has terrible KDE integration.
Thus why I use Ubuntu as I am a gnome user mainly, I would use fedora more often but its package repositories are far smaller and limited.
Just cant win :smiley:

Me, use opensuse xfce and mix it up with kde and gnome, the end result is magic.

It’s easy to dismiss a negative review and call the reviewer an idiot, but wouldn’t it be wiser to identify the problems, and use that information to make a better product?

Growbag, you are correct, and that is usually the attitude prevailing in the commercial sector, covering both enterprise and home sub-sectors. The market leaders have succeeded in both, but with massive resources. Given fewer resources, whatever openSUSE decides from its current strategy meetings for the one strategy to focus on, I hope they improve the distro by "identifying the problems, and using that information to make a better product ".

Then, hopefully the “idiots” will lose interest, and the knee-jerk response from fanboys/girls will serve no purpose. :slight_smile:

I ran across this article a while ago. It’s tempting to start nasty comments but all that does is give him more activity and that’s probably the last thing to do.

Even after reading, I don’t understand half the gibberish he’s talking about.

The major problem with this right off the bat is the fact that if you are dual booting with Windows, you will not be able to boot directly into OpenSUSE. Even if you are single booting, you won’t be able to: because there is no Master Boot Record to tell it where to start from!

Huh? :question: So openSUSE is the cause of the hard disk not having a MBR? That’s a new one (to me).

Oh well, any press is good press I guess.

I’ve just started reading that article, but initially I already spotted what appears to be one factual inaccuracy and I’m geared up to read more inaccuracies.

Speaking of disliking Linux, and indeed disliking Linux in general, my wife is a big WinXP fan, and she does not like opneSUSE, nor for that any Linux distribution. Having stated that, she will use Linux when it is expedient for her. This weekend when on vacation, the wireless in her MS_Windows inexplicably stopped working but the wireless in openSUSE worked like a charm. So she reluctantly used openSUSE most of the vacation.

I note my wife is going on a one week, full time, Unix/Linux course next week (Red Hat is the Linux they will be covering) so I am hoping it might help her a bit in accepting a bit more “Linux in general”.

I don’t think his complaint about the boot loader phase of the installer is clearly stated. At first glance the openSUSE installer looks simple as it shows the boot loader’s placement settings for MBR and root partition with toggling for enable/disable. He is complaining that the default setting is for booting from the root partition and not from the MBR, but his normality is booting from the MBR. As he said it’s a simple change, but then goes on to claim that in a dual boot situation the default setting won’t work to enable direct booting from the new openSUSE root partition since the MBR setting is disabled. I believe he is wrong on that, because he like other PCLOS, Ubuntu, etc. users, is used to a relatively simple level of installer for that phase, even when multi-booting.

When multi-booting with openSUSE installer, one needs to be aware of another level of boot loader installation settings accessible by clicking on the section heading to make changes. Anyone familiar with YaST>System>Bootloader, selecting “Boot Loader Installation tab”, and clicking on “Boot Loader Options” will know this, but a new user probably will NOT.

The installer still leaves the following two settings tick marked: “Set active Flag in Partition Table for Boot Partion” and “Write generic Boot Code to MBR”. That is why it will work and he is WRONG.

When multi-booting and there is an existing Grub boot loader that I want to preserve, I always deselect both those settings when installing. Of course I then have to manually update Grub’s menu.lst file.

Here is the first thing he didn’t mention doing:

I would expect that to be obvious, but I’ve had the problems he started with and found bad images and/or writings there of.