Thinkpad X61s memory has a hole between 15mb and 16mb

I was trying to install Opensuse 11.1 64-bit on my Thinkpad X61s but it fails with error message
“memory has a hole between 15mb and 16mb”

If anybody could tell me what this means and how to solve it I would gratly appreciate it

I don’t know the machine in question but it might be something you can change in the BIOS setup.

Solution found

It is not the bios. It’s a bug in YAST which appears not to be able to handle a hidden recovery partition.

I had two virtual drives and deleted one (this was probably not necessary)
I also deleted the hidden partition (recovery partition) of my thinkpad X61s).

After this, Opensuse 11.1 installed without any problems.

The problem could have been caused by either of the two above, but my best guess is it must have been the hidden partition.

I have to assume that this is a Yast-bug and hope it is fixed so that other even less experienced newbies will not give up on opensuse out of frustration.

As I have noticed that the same problem occurs all over the place with notebooks some hints to newbies like me:
diskpart from Vista shows if there is a hidden partition, but you cannot delete it with diskpart
Here is a link to an excellent “how to delete the hidden partition”:

That link gives a 404. Looks like it got its middle chopped out.

Hello ,

I had a similar problem with a X41 Think pad. It may be the same. When your Think pad comes out of the box with its IBM/Microsoft install they set-up a space on your hard disk that is Encrypted for paranoid people to store all their secrets on. Of course know one ever uses this.
But when you go to install Suse it sees this space a either a partition or in your case a hole. This prevented me from doing an install normally as for some reason GRUB kept pointing to this empty space as the primary boot partition. So to get round it I did a Volume based installation. This may not be the most elegant solution but it seemed to work for me.

Hope this helps.