Thinkpad X30 xorg drivers

I’ve just installed 11.0 with kde4 on an X30. That has been a most interesting experience. (Interesting being synonymous with bad here). The livecd and install all seemed to go quite well, until the moment when Xorg failed on first boot.

Starting sax2 with no options apparently fixes that until you get the first hard freeze.

The i810 driver is currently broken for the X30, use the ‘intel’ driver instead. To freeze the system by using the i810 driver ‘sax2 -r -m 0=i810’. I have only been able to use the ‘intel’ driver for xorg. That is, I have only been able to use the ‘intel’ driver as long as I do not ‘Enable desktop effects’. Should I do that all manner of difficulties ensue. For what it’s worth the ‘intel’ driver without desktop effects seems to work ok.