Thinkpad x250 or X1 Carbon (2015).

Hey everyone,

I’d like to ask you to help me decide on to which laptop i should go for :slight_smile: - x250 or X1C3. Besides obvious (body/shape/ports) differences i’d like to ask you owners of x2** and X1C* series to share your experiences with your tools. As of why would you still choose X1 over x2** even though it didn’t had VGA and or LAN port, or other way around. Real world experiences from sysadmins would be really appreciated.
Weight and size differences are so negligible (especially weight) for these two machines, so there is no point of arguing about that (with respect to their mobility capabilities). And i hardly foresee my self in the situation where i would need extremely long battery life that supposedly comes with x250.
So basically what i would like to hear from you is what is your experience with feel of the machine (literally how it feels in your hands, build quality, durability, comfort, esthetics). Work ergonomics - few things to consider - majority of the time (like 60/70%) my laptop will be docked into the station, but for the rest of the time - does size difference in screen/keyboard make up for working comfort, and by that i mean whole package - do you find yourself slouching over x250 and or think that those extra few centimeters of real estate would make up for better working environment. Docking stations - they use different types of stations - which works best with linux?
And, please, don’t be shy to point out some (what you think) important points for consideration that i might have forgotten about.