Thinkpad x230 install peculiaritie: end result KDE doesn't work IceWM does

Clean install of Tumbleweed using USB drive

legacy, not UEFI

seemed OK with earlier version (30/8) of Tumbleweed, set to left-handed in system settings on desktop

after software update as reminded KDE stopped working (see below)

fresh install, so simply reinstalled with later version of Tumbleweed

first observation:

as a left hander I am used to being asked if I want to swap buttons during installation process
this option did not appear on Thinkpad x230 (checked on other computer with same USB, and it does)

despite this oddity seems to install OK

login to KDE - no menu items work (with either button though, e.g., I get “configure menu” with the right button

try IceWM - everything seems to work normally, (except no left handed option, as usual)


select existing user get choice of four


never seen the other three before on other computers but I choose “me”

desktop behaviour as above

the lack of left-handedness during install could be entirely unrelated to KDE problems after install but I’m including everything

any thoughts gratefully received