Thinkpad x220 Search Bar randomly freezes

I am running a 64bit version of 12.3 running KDE.

When my computer is hooked up to an external monitor, my searchbar (alt+F2) will randomly freeze and hang in the top of my screen until I restart. How do I kill it? (Don’t know what it is called in the system monitor). Also how to I trouble shoot it?


It’s called krunner. If it freezes your screen for a long time. Press the ESC key.
To exit the screen hold down the CTRL+ALT+Back keys twice in a rows (very quickly) until you hear a beep.
It kills X and send you to the login screen.

Log in and open konsole and install powertop to monitor what is using up so much memory.
You can also try disabling the special effects to see if it helps.

It doesn’t actually freeze my whole screen, just the small area where it is rendered when it pops up. Its a minor annoyance that required me to logout every now and then, but now that I know the name I can just kill it when it freezes.