thinkpad x121e, trackpoint sometimes not working


every now and than after boot my trackpoint is not working on my Thinkpad x121e
touchpad works
I know this effect from other installations on other thinkpads,
there I could fix it without reboot
modprobe -r psmouse; sleep 2; modprobe psmouse
but this command does not work on openSUSE 13.1 because the psmouse is build into the kernel.

it would be important for me to fix this, I can not work without trackpoint, and the x121e is the device I take with me.
and it looks very unprofessional if the first thing I have to do is reboot because input device is not working.

any idea how I can fix this? help would be appreciated

happened again 2 times this week and I had to restart the machine

if anyone has an idea how to restart only a service to get the trackpoint/touchpad working and not the whole OS it would be great