ThinkPad w/13.1 Displays "About to Suspend" Warning on Resume, Then Suspends & Crashes

More often than not, when I lift the lid on my ThinkPad W530 running 13.1 Gnome after being suspended overnight, the display restores immediately but a message notification is also shown at the bottom of the screen warning that the machine is about to suspend due to lack of activity.

Then, if I move the mouse in an effort to dismiss the notice, the screen goes black and the system suspends. If I then press the power button to resume from suspend, Gnome’s “Something has gone wrong…” message displays and I am forced to log out.

(Tangentially, I’ve found I need to close Evolution to log out successfully in any circumstance. Otherwise, the system hangs indefinitely with considerable disk activity.)

I have also seen this behavior on Ubuntu 13.10 systems.

This is a stock 13.1 installation. Video is set in BIOS to Intel. Nothing obvious appears in the logs, although I’m not really sure I could identify anything relevant there not explicitly labeled as a error (nothing is).