Thinkpad TrackPoint behaviour erratic

I have two Thinkpads, a W530 and a T530. Both are running TW with KDE desktop and I have just completed the sudo zypper dup update for theT530.
I am having problems with the T530 on which the TrackPoint is erratic and difficult to control, particularly for example when highlighting a line of text and using right button to copy.
When I look at the settings for the two machines I find that System Settings>Mouse & Touchpad are different. On the W530 which is working well a Touchpad is found found but set as “not enabled.” On the T530 no Touchpad is found. How do I install the Touchpad on the T530?

Check if the touchpad can be configured via the UEFI/BIOS. Sometimes there are settings to allow advanced or basic/legacy behaviour, which can influence how the device is handled by the Linux kernel.

Hi Dean,
I had already checked the BIOS setting and all is OK.
BTW I started a new more specific thread as this was posted when I was not sure of symptoms. Apologies.

Yes, I’m aware of the other thread. I also posted there. :wink:

Closing this topic. You can pursue the issue in your other topic as per the link above.