Thinkpad T500 and openSUSE 11.4 suspend to ram freezing with ACPI


I’m using T500 and I installed openSUSE 11.4 yesterday. (Gnome, 64bit, 8GB ram)
I had some problems with suspend to ram with 11.3, as after a couple of suspension/wakeup, the system hangs when I try another suspension.

With 11.4, it became worse, as after wake up, as soon as I input the password to unlock the system, it freezes everytime.

I look through some stuff and went to BIOS and changed the ACPI option to compatibility, and it seems to be working now, (I have made two suspend to ram without any freezing) even though I cannot be sure until it survives a lot of suspension. :slight_smile:

So I was wondering if there is any cure for this, or I better off using the compatibility mode. In addition, do I lose performance from the the compatibility mode?

Thank you,

The above case seems not to happen anymore, but my laptop just freezed when I tried to do suspension, just like 11.3. Usually the first suspension after rebooting works, but after wakeup, the second suspension usually makes my laptop to freeze during the suspension process. The suspend led blinks but it never becomes firmly lit.