ThinkPad t42 fingerprint

Hello everybody,
I’ve installed opensuse to my thinkpad t42, but fingerprint reader doesn’t work at all: i’ve searched all mans for it but the problem isn’t solved, i’m so tired and i want to sleep…pleese help
tf-tool doen’t seem to be installed

P.S. My english is not so well, sorry

If anyone knows russian please use it
Если кто нибудь знает русский пишите на нем пожалуйста

Have a look here Integrated Fingerprint Reader - ThinkWiki. If you are not already using it the Thinkwiki is a great resource for Thinkpads. My TP doesn’t have a fingerprint reader, so I have not had to set one up. Hope that is of some help.

Dwarfer99, thanks a lot
Think wiki is great resource, but tf-tool can not be installed, I don’t know why
Compiling it from binary do nothing