thinkpad t400 opensuse 11.3 + KDE 4.5 = freeze


I am running openSuSE 11.3 on a Thinkpad T400 laptop (with Intel+ATI switchable graphics). I made a clean install of openSuSE 11.3 (earlier running 11.2), and updated to KDE 4.5.

Now my screen freezes frequently. I can move the mouse cursor all over the screen, but cannot start any application; the keyboard doesn’t work too. The only way for me to get things to work is to logout and login again.

Can anyone help me fix this? Thanks.

I’m having the same problem with 11.3 on a Thinkpad W510 with Nvidia chip & nouveau driver.

Same problem here but with Hp notebook and nvidia drivers…:frowning:

Possibly not: see Driver dilemma in KDE workspaces 4.5 « Martin’s Blog

Same problem with E4310 (Core I5 - Intel HD Graphic) while Dell E6400 (Nvidia driver) works fine!