[Thinkpad] Screen goes on standby every 5 minutes

I’m running openSUSE 11.1 on my Thinkpad T61p with KDE 4.3 and somehow I can’t configure the suspend behaviour of my screen.
I’ve tried all options in the KDE powermanager, but the screen just keeps turning off every +/- 5 minutes, which is very annoying when watching video.
I had the same problem under KDE 4.1 and 4.2.

Is there a more low level way to configure the power management of the screen? It appears that KDE its power manager is overridden somehow.

Config Desktop
Display - Power Control
Uncheck Enable Display Power management

It is unchecked, because I tried that already.

It’s not THAT easy :wink:

Scratch that, mayb it is lol!

Checking it again did the trick. But I guarantee you that I’ve tried that before and in < 4.3 this did not work. Either way, I’m happy :slight_smile:

Aaaargh, it only worked for one session. Now I’m back in the old situation again, however the checkbox is still checked.

Why is KDE not saving my preferences?

I’m still using KDE 4.2, but AFAIU the powersaving config fie for KDE 4.3 is still ~/.kde4/share/config/powerdevilprofilesrc

You might try renaming this file (you can always reinstate it later if required), then reconfigure your powersaving options again. It may be that there have been changes between KDE4.X versions that have affected this file. Anyway, see if that helps.

Just had another thought here: Disregard…

Edit: I have ThinkPad Z60m. From memory my laptop does same, but only when on battery. Possible BIOS setting - I’ve never bothered to check. Same for you?