Thinkpad r61 and Fan Problem

Good morning i’m new to this forum but i’m using opensuse distribution for a couple of years. I started with the 11.2 release and everything was good but now with the 11.3 i’d a serious problem of overheating. The fan doesn’t work very well the laptop begin very hot yesterday the cpu reach 82 celsius degree. The fan works with Xp and opensuse 11.2 some time it increase rpm to decrease temp. But with the 11.3 it works always at the same rpm and the system does’t get cold. Now i’ve resolved setting the cpu and gpu power to the minum performances but its not a solution.
Do you have any suggestion i think is problem with the acpi driver but i don’t any idea how to move.
My system is a Thinkpad R61 with intel dual core 1.8 ghz e Nvidia Quadro 140 nvs