Thinkpad Edge OpenSuse 11.3 (64) - AC Adapater Recognition

Thinkpad Edge 13", Intel Version, OpenSuse 11.3 (64bit), KDE 4.5

when I start up my Thinkpad without having the AC adapter plugged in, Powerdevil Plasmoid and sysinfo:/ deliver the following information:
Battery is recognised correctly including charge level, battery time remaining and battery is discharged. But the AC adapter is recognised as plugged in.
Terminal output as follows:

cat /proc/acpi/ac_adapter/ACAD/state
state:                   off-line

According to this, the ACPI interface recognises the AC adapater state correctly. Once I plug in and pull out the adapter, Powerdevil shows the correct information; including AC adapter is not plugged in.

What can I do to have Powerdevil show the correct information since start up without pulling in and out the AC adapater?

Thanks for your support!

ThinkPad Edge is relatively new. You can wait or try to install newer kernel 2.6.36 as a user did in this other thread. That kernel works very well on my ThinkPad SL510.

Thanks for your reply.
But I want to avoid to install a newer kernel. As


always provides the correct values I think the kernel works fine.
After some researches I think it’s a problem with the component that provide information for powerdevil and sysinfo:/ . But I don’t know where to look at.

Well, after more extensive testing between my two system partitions (same h/w), I have the same or similar problem on my ThinkPad. Oddly, the first time I unplugged ac adapter on my main system and rebooted (powering off) to the test system, it was successful. The test system came up with backlight dimmed (usually does on battery), sysinfo, powerdevil in system tray, and ACPI (acpi -V) reported correct status. The two 64bit systems are:

Main: 11.3, KDE 4.4.4, fully updated as of today.
Test: 11.3 kernel 2.6.36-RC8-33, KDE 4.5.2

When I switched back to main system with ac adapter still unplugged, to my surprise the backlight was not dimmed, sysinfo and powerdevil claimed the ac-adapter was plugged in, but acpi -V correctly said it was offline as did the contents of cat /proc/acpi/ac_adapter/ACAD/state (state: offline). I repeated the switch back to the test system with ac adapter unplugged, this time I had no dimming (not right) and only acpi correctly reported offline status. Of course if I replug ac adapter and unplug it, dimming occurs and all three methods report correct status. If I then replug the adapter, then the correct things happen as well.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether one does a system restart, or a system shutdown and power-on boot.

My only conclusion is that acpi and the ThinkPad’s bios/firmware is working for this change in status, but the KDE apps are not working correctly. However, the KDE apps may well rely on a lower level s/w component.